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GMP Engineering

GMP Compliance Based on Science and Risk

GMP compliance involves “constructing science-based systems for consistent verification of product safety and efficacy,” for the purpose of “ensuring quality in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products”, organized through design and qualification activities to verify the establishment of both “hard” elements such as facilities and equipment and “soft” elements such as operations procedures. Designing appropriate GMP compliance measures requires science and risk-based GMP engineering, qualification implementation, and appropriate documentation. JGC draws on elemental GMP engineering technology including technology for risk assessment, a wealth of experience constructing pharmaceutical plants, and a global GMP information network to realize pharmaceutical plants with full science and risk-based GMP compliance measures in place. In addition, as part of our GMP compliance services, we offer plant consultations, mock inspections, and other services.

Rapid Realization of Logical, Efficient Pharmaceutical Factories

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