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Cost-Effective Qualification

Risk-Based, Cost-Effective Qualification

JGC offers risk-based, cost-effective qualification technology to address the recent rapid increase in sophistication, complexity and computerization of the facilities and equipment we construct. Using our independent risk-based qualification method, we execute DQ (design qualification) in regard to critical items carefully distilled through function development and risk analysis, with a strong focus on building quality into the facilities and equipment from the engineering stage.

First, we specify the requirements for facilities and equipment based on process requirements. Next, we identify functions of the facilities and equipment that affect product quality, and identify the items to be qualified.

A Qualification Method that Reduces Costs

By applying our independent qualification method and drawing on our rich accumulated experience in performing qualification work, we can enable cost reduction not only for qualification, engineering, and construction costs, but also for all the client’s production activity costs.

Realizing Cost-Effective Qualification

JGC draws on a wealth of expertise and technology to realize cost-effective qualification.

  • ・Managers with expertise and experience execute qualification work according to the specific nature of the project
  • ・We improve qualification efficiency through strategic use of blank forms
  • ・We shorten the qualification schedule by making effective use of construction and commissioning data

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