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Architecture and Facilities Engineering

Architecture Design to Boost Intellectual Productivity

JGC designs layout based on theories, safety, researcher/worker activity patterns, and flexibility for upgrades or increase in number of personnel, to provide structural and architectural solutions for workspaces conducive to communication.

Practical elements of workspaces conducive to communication include transparency (atria, glass walls, central open stairwells), induction (corridors, alcoves, interaction spaces, cafes, cafeterias), the 30m theory, etc. We have extensive experience in using these elements to structure layout proposals tailored to the client’s philosophy.

To facilitate solutions for research centers that can keep up with the latest technological revolutions and support accelerating research development, as well as manufacturing facilities with improved productivity, we employ mechanical corridors, inside shafts, and modular construction methods to maintain intellectual productivity, structuring proposals for research centers and manufacturing facilities with flexibly adaptable layouts that enable upgrades.

Building Facilities Engineering for Energy Savings

Reduction of energy consumption in various pharmaceutical and production facilities is a required technology to contribute to society and environment from the engineering and construction stage. JGC will total coordinate energy reduction based on variety of knowledge and technology nurtured through experience.

Total Coordination for Energy Saving
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Variety of Approaches
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