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In-Factory Transport Systems

Optimized In-Factory Transport Systems

At pharmaceutical plants, the purpose of transport systems is to protect the quality of the transported materials as they are transferred to the next step in the process. Automated production reduces labor costs and time required for material transportation, aiming to increase productive output while separating the flow of human workers from the flow of materials, helping to prevent confusion.

JGC is experienced in providing various types of in-factory transport systems, such as stacker cranes (STACKER FLOW®), automated transport systems, etc. to bulk plants and commercial pharmaceutical plants.

The stacker crane is a type of transport system that was developed and patented by JGC at the end of the 20th century. In Japan, the stacker crane has now grown to become the standard transport system in large-scale pill factories, due to its various superior characteristics. Now, JGC has developed a further-improved transport system, Mole Flow (MOLE FLOW®). JGC prepares a range of options for pharmaceutical factories, to provide optimized transport systems in line with the client’s needs.


Mole Flow (MOLE FLOW®) is a completely new type of transport system, conceived and patented by JGC, which uses an unmanned transport forklift for automated transportation, separating the flow of materials from human workers. In contrast to the stacker crane, it does not require a large passage for the stacker on the same floor as the process room, thereby enabling a free plant layout without interruptions in horizontal work lines. In addition, the passage for materials is relatively low, making it easy to clean, thereby reducing risks from highly active pill production. Furthermore, the low height reduces the risk of collapse during earthquakes, and multiple unmanned transport forklifts are ideal for backup, emergency stoppage, and other elements of a business continuity plan (BCP.)

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