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Aseptic Handling

Securing a Highly Sterile Environment with Engineering

Manufacturing sterile pharmaceuticals requires the strictest environmental management and operation of any type of pharmaceutical production, but JGC complies with the latest GMP to offer facilities engineering for a secure, highly sterile environment. We provide optimized facilities in a wide range of fields, from sterile commercial pharmaceutical plants to sterile bulk plants and bio plants and more.

Barrier Isolation Technology

Inspection offices are turning an ever more critical eye toward conventional open-booth production. JGC is experienced in engineering a wide range of RABS, from open-type RABS to closed RABS with built-in decontamination. In addition, JGC has also delivered many isolators for keeping operators completely isolated from the process environment. JGC structures optimized sterile pharmaceutical production environments in line with the client’s needs.

Design Technique for Aseptic Filling Line

JGC has extensive knowledge of and experience with many types of aseptic filling facility needs, including a deep understanding of the formats and characteristics of various kinds of containers and filling systems for everything from liquid to sterile powder products: vials, ampules, pre-filled syringes, as well as nest-type SCF (sterile, clean, ready-to-fill) containers. In addition, JGC possesses rich knowledge and experience with structuring highly difficult filling lines for double-chamber syringes and suspensions. We offer filling systems and container handling facilities that achieve high levels of both sterility and productivity.

Aseptic Handling Technology

To secure a highly sterile environment, we engineer automated systems that keep operators as far removed as possible from any opportunity for contamination. Automated systems include pre-filled syringe handling with multi-axis robots, automated loading/unloading systems for lyophilized products production with AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), and automated autoclave loading/unloading systems.

Aseptic Technology for Bulk Plants

Aseptic weighing and sealing facilities for bulk plants using isolators designed for containment; effective glove placement and airflow security for bulk plant handling; tray handling facilities for lyophilization, fully automated to prevent sloshing—we maintain a high level of sterility while implementing flexible facilities engineering that is not bound by the limitations of conventional approaches.

Design Technique for Bio Plant

For animal cell and microorganism culture, aseptic conditions must be maintained in a bio-reactor from a few days to a few weeks. In addition, bio plants require technology such as sterilization by filtration or medium sterilization, that can not only render the process fluid sterile, but maintain that sterility over a long period of time. JGC designs the latest bio-plant through our accumulated experience.

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