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Bulk Pharmaceutical Plants

Total Engineering: From Basic Concept to Qualifications

On constructing bulk pharmaceutical plants, many types of engineering services are necessary, ranging from strict adherence to general laws regarding GMP and control of hazardous substances, to appropriate combination of elemental technology to suit the needs of the plant, to actually putting the plant into operation.

JGC draws on a wealth of past experience with constructing bulk pharmaceutical plants to appropriately address all the various issues and requirements that crop up over the course of the process from basic concept to qualification, realizing bulk pharmaceutical plants conceived for operational excellence (OPEX).

On constructing bulk chemical synthesis plants, JGC design and construct bulk pharmaceutical plants in which all systems are optimized by clarify handling of raw materials, agitation, reaction, concentration, extraction, crystallization, separation, drying, and filling, machine technology, human access and logistics routes and qualification items. In addition, we have rich experience and high-level technology for pyrogen-free, sterile bulk pharmaceutical production.

JGC also has a great deal of experience with bio-plants for culturing microorganism and animal cells. JGC design and construct cutting-edge, highly automated bio-plants with C/SIP by clarify elemental technology for handling of raw materials, media preparation, culture, separation, buffer preparation, chromate, concentration, filling, and packaging, to machine technology, human access and logistics routes and qualification content.

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