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Bio Plants

Engineering Facilities with an Eye on the Latest Global Trends

Progressive diversification of bio-pharmaceuticals has given rise to many pharmaceutical types: antibodies, vaccines, peptides, tissue engineering, etc. JGC keeps an eye on the latest global trends when offering engineering of facilities for many different types of bio-plants, including bio-plants built around stainless bioreactors with a capacity of several thousand liters, manufacturing facilities incorporating recently recommended single-use technology, bioreactors for gene recombinant for which Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety is desirable, and equipment and facilities incorporating high-level containment technology commonly used for manufacturing of vaccines for some new strains of influenza, etc.

JGC has experience with constructing many types of bio plants, with capacities from a few thousand liters or less for clinical trials or launch, to large-scale bioreactors with capacities of tens of thousands of liters. JGC stands by a promise to apply the same high standards to all bio-plants that we have constructed.

Making Use of Agitating Simulations and Experimental equipment

JGC uses CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to create simulations of agitation vessels, to gain an understanding of gas distribution in order to optimize engineering of bioreactors. In addition, we gather many types of vital engineering data from culture experiment at our technology research center, enabling us to optimize engineering of bioreactors.

JGC’s Bio-Plant-Related Proprietary Technology and Equipment

Application of In-silico Cultivation(R)

JGC is an established world leader in simulation technology for bioreactor, which is simulated by a computer with linking agitating and cell cultivating conditions inside a bioreactor in real time. This technology, named In-silico Cultivation®, makes it possible to re-create simulations not only of physical quantities such as kLa, but also the concentration of microorganism inside the bioreactor, the concentration of substrate, metabolites, etc.

In-silico Cultivation(R)

Simulation results of cultivation by In-silico Cultivation(R)
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