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Non-ferrous Metal Refining

Contributing to expansion of production of rare metals with Cutting-edge Technologies

Securing non-ferrous metals resources such as copper, aluminum and rare metals has become increasingly important against a background of significant demand by emerging countries.

JGC has accumulated all necessary technologies for the wet-type refining which is the mainstream in non-ferrous metal refining process. Those non-ferrous smelting technologies have been accumulated through JGC's vast project execution experience that includes the design, construction and commissioning of Japan's first spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, uranium enrichment facilities, as well as numerous other nuclear installations. JGC's non-ferrous smelting technologies are backed up also by the design and construction of a large number of chemical plants. Drawing on these technologies, JGC has executed at home and abroad a variety of non-ferrous smelting projects, including copper smelting, nickel smelting, and titanium oxide production, providing a wide range of services from feasibility study to plant design, construction and commissioning assistance.

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