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Services Offered

JGC's Medical and Welfare Services

Drawing on our rich experience with medical and welfare projects, JGC provides not only hospital renewal services, but also management and operations support and other services for supporting our clients at every stage in the hospital life cycle.

JGC's Medical and Welfare Services

Surveys and Consulting

JGC provides a wide variety of consultation services, including demand survey, economic analysis, and compilation of business plans with clear objectives.

Liaison Assistance with Outside Institutions

JGC acts as a liaison in negotiations with manufacturers of medical devices, contractors, and other outside institutions. It helps hospital managers to focus their full attention on the overall management and operation of the facility.


Drawing on experience with numerous hospital projects, JGC provides a full spectrum of services from planning, basic design through detailed design phases, engaged by a team of wide variety of experienced specialists in hospital architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.


JGC conducts construction as an integrated process based on a unified concept from engineering through execution. Our construction sites are supervised by both construction managers with rich experience with hospital projects, as well as, architects and designers who continuously works from the design phase.

Procurement of Medical Equipment, Supplies, and Information Systems

JGC compares and analyses manufacturers of medical equipment, various related supplies, and devices needed for information systems.


Hospital Management and Operations Support

Facility Management (FM)

JGC provides support for all aspects of hospital facilities management, including controlling of building maintenance, medical equipment maintenance, and supplies management allowing hospitals to focus their energy on quality of care and further improvements in cutting-edge treatment.

System Integration

JGC supports hospitals integrating the latest information systems and structuring information networks throughout the facility.


3. Project Management (PM)

JGC’s project management is based on practical management of three key elements: cost, quality, and schedule. Our PM system helps the clients realize cost effective hospital facility.


Hospital Investment and Operations Business

Drawing on the know-how and experience we have gained in the medical field from numerous projects, we actively invest in healthcare business and hospital operation.


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