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Hospital Engineering Methods

Workflow-From Basic Concept to Construction, After-Care, and Management Support

Workflow-From Basic Concept to Construction, After-Care, and Management Support


1. Survey and Analysis of Existing Hospitals

At the basic concept stage, an objective survey and analysis of existing hospitals is necessary. JGC draws on rich experience to conduct surveys of tangible and intangible management resources. After identifying the strengths and weakness of each hospital, we conduct analyses from many different angles, including outpatient care, hospital ward configuration, inpatient care, and others.


2. Healthcare Demand Survey and Analysis

An adequate grasp of regional healthcare demands is a key for any successful medical facilities. JGC uses an independently developed “healthcare demand analysis system,” which estimates types and number of patients in a given region, considering the population structure and services/care provided by neighboring. This system can be applied for marketing consultation for newly built hospitals, hospital relocation, and estimating the number of prospective patients.


3. Economic Feasibility Studies

Because hospital construction is a long-term project which requires a large funding, a forecast of financial balance and cash flow is essential. JGC uses its independently-developed “economic feasibility analysis system for medical facilities” to compile profit and loss graphs and charts for capital planning to evaluate the economic feasibility of hospital projects. This system allows clients to evaluate the results of simulations of different conditions with simple steps.


4. Engineering and Construction

Applied Integrated Engineering Methods

Conventional hospital engineering often lacks integration between various elements of construction, facilities maintenance, operations, and information systems, which can cause various problems after the construction is completed. In order to avoid such problems, JGC applies a method called “integrated engineering,” utilizing an unified concept to investigate and structure disparate elements. Using this system, we optimize and integrate architecture, equipment, operations, and information systems.

Engineering and Construction Based on a Unified Concept

JGC has compiled our engineering and construction know-how for medical facilities into an independent design guideline, which is used for all projects. In the final phase of engineering, the lead engineer and experienced senior engineers conduct a design review session, scrupulously confirming that the new hospital concept and all the engineering specifications exceeds the standard scribed in the guideline. In addition, our construction sites are supervised by architects and engineers making sure the projects exceeds the standard, realizing the hospitals with the highest quality.

Engineering and Construction with Consideration for Energy Saving and the Environment

Considering the roles of hospital in the society, JGC provides engineering and construction services to reduce the demand for energy and conserve the natural environment. Techniques JGC utilize includes:

  • ・LCC (life cycle cost) analysis
  • ・HVAC systems for infection control
  • ・Seismic design for building structures


Hospital Operations Support

Operations Support/Consulting

JGC offers consultation services to maximize the profitability. JGC utilizes the independently-developed analytical systems, considering the latest updates to the national healthcare insurance system, and external factors such as population change.

Information Systems Introduction Support

JGC provides a full-spectrum support service for information systems. After confirming the needs of the client, JGC drafts plans for an optimized information system, cost estimate, and assists with the vendor selection, while making adjustments with structural and electrical design. JGC also provides full maintenance service for information network and information security, including training sessions for the users.


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