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Oil and Gas Production

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Investments and Promoting Rapid Resource Development

In the oil and gas upstream fields, JGC implements many projects and has extensive experience with oil and gas gathering facilities, separation plants, pressure boosting facilities, and other facilities in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. Additionally, it participates aggressively from the planning stage in resource development projects by major oil firms and national oil companies of oil and gas producing nations. It contributes to maximizing the investment effect and rapid realization of development plans by making comprehensive proposals that extend from development plan assistance to plant construction and operation and maintenance.
 Furthermore, as part of its business investment and operation activities, JGC has been involved in the business of oil and gas field development since 2004. As an enterprise with a strong background as an engineering contractor, it has entered a new field of endeavor through its participation in shale oil and gas development in North America.

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