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LNG Receiving Terminal

Creating an LNG Receiving Terminal that Answers the Country’s Energy Needs

JGC handles LNG plant construction projects worldwide as the leading LNG contractor and has also executed construction projects for many LNG receiving terminals in Japan. Plans for the construction of an increasing number of LNG receiving terminals can be seen in Asian countries in recent years as they address growing electricity demand linked to rapid population increases. It aims to support realization of energy policies in various countries by utilizing its extensive experience in the LNG field toward fleshing out these plans.
 Additionally, JGC identified the need to develop a system which will contribute to reducing terminal operating costs further together with securing a power supply source for use in the event of emergencies. As a practical solution to this need, it has established its new system “MixGen®”, which is a gas engine power generation system using BOG (Boil-Off Gas) as fuel for the gas engine. It will continue its contribution to providing stable electric power supply solutions to the market through the application of its technologies.


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