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World Leading Contractor for LNG Plants

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is largely composed of pure methane with very few impurities, and is gaining popularity as a green fuel because of its extremely low level of NOx pollution. In order to maximize investment return, LNG plants are being built on a bigger and bigger scale. However, there are a limited number of gas fields large enough to serve such large plants, while many smaller gas fields remain untapped. JGC has been responsible for 30% of the world's LNG projects to date (31 trains, yearly output 90.7 million tons of gas), and has now developed a protocol for constructing highly cost-efficient mid-to-small-scale LNG plants that can be completed within a short amount of time. As LNG plant technology continues to evolve, JGC always strives to provide the latest and most revolutionary technical expertise and innovation, and will continue to bring its superior project management skill and experience to bear on projects in this rapidly advancing field.

In recent years, client needs with regard to climate and topography on construction sites, feed gas composition, environmental measures, etc. for LNG plants have been growing more diverse and complex. In particular, consciousness of the need for environmental and ocean ecology conservation measures has been increasing, and the demand for LNG plants using air-cooled heat exchangers has been growing rapidly. To help meet this demand, JGC now offers a total engineering service, AIRLIZE LNG®, which aims to maximize production capacity and rate of operation for air-cooled LNG plants, while minimizing construction and operation costs, providing diverse solutions for a wide array of client needs. The core technology supporting AIRLIZE LNG®, HARview®, is an original technology developed by JGC, and has garnered high praise for its utility in creating a simulation of air flow within a plant, analyzing it to increase production capacity.

JGC also has extensive experience in constructing LNG receiving terminals and, in response to the steadily increasing demand for LNG, construction projects for LNG receiving terminals are being planned in Japan and many other countries. Against this background, JGC identified the need to develop a system which will contribute to reducing terminal operating costs further together with securing a power supply source for use in the event of emergencies. As a practical solution to this need, JGC has established its new system “MixGen®”, which is a gas engine power generation system using BOG (Boil-Off Gas) as fuel for the gas engine. JGC will continue its contribution to providing stable electric power supply solutions to the market through the application of its technologies.

Realizes Maximum Utilization of Boil-Off Gas (BOG) from LNG Receiving 

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