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Top Engineering Contractor for GTL Projects

Gas to liquids (GTL) technology has entered the limelight as a next-generation technology making use of natural gas. GTL is receiving increased attention as a source of more environmentally-friendly, cleaner energy. GTL diesel fuels used as automotive fuels, in particular, have a higher cetane rating (an index indicating the combustibility levels of diesel fuels) than conventional diesel fuels but contain none of the particulate matter such as sulfur which is a principal cause of the air pollution attributed to the use of diesel engines. There is considerable expectation that the use of GTL fuels will become more widespread. In 1993, JGC completed construction of a commercial GTL plant in Malaysia for Shell. The plant was a first-of-its-kind project in the world. In addition, JGC has successfully completed construction of the world’s largest GTL complex (140,000 barrels per stream day) in Qatar, again for Shell. JGC is dedicated to being a top engineering contractor for GTL projects while contributing to environmental conservation through the propagation of GTL products.

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