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Mammalian Cell Culture Technology/VerSus Reactor®

A top runner in mammalian cell culture technology

Biotechnology for producing substances has made considering progress in recent years, and the methods for industrial production of biopharmaceuticals (proteins, antibodies, vaccines and so on) has shifted from conventional fermentation technologies to mammalian cell culture technologies. Mammalian cell culture technologies are also expanding into the field of tissue engineering, such as iPS cells, etc. Since 1991, when JGC first installed a bioreactor for mammalian cell culture in our research and technology center, we have developed various types of elemental technology for engineering of mammalian cell culture bioreactor, then made use of scale-up technology and computer simulations to line up a system for optimized engineering and manufacture of large scale mammalian cell culture bioreactor. In addition, we utilized our accumulated technology in the creation of a new type of mammalian cell culture bio-reactor named “VerSus Reactor®”, developed in partnership with Satake Chemical Equipment Manufacturing, Ltd. Through the VerSus Reactor®, the stable manufacture of bio-pharmaceuticals, and improvements to manufacturing processes enabled by mammalian cell culture bio-reactors, JGC contributes to the business performance of our clients.

Mammalian Cell Culture Bio-Reactor Systems: Experiences of Delivery

  • ・Company A: 10L~1000L capacity
  • ・Company B: 10L~100L capacity
  • ・Company C: 100L~1000L capacity (for anchorage-dependent cells)
  • ・Company D: 10L~100L capacity
  • ・Company E: 1000L capacity
  • ・Company F: 1000L capacity

Features of the VerSus Reactor®

This new bioreactor combines two technologies: the Shirasu Porous Glass (SPG) Filter Sparger (developed jointly by JGC and the Miyazaki Prefecture Industrial Technology Center), which generates microbubbles to achieve highly efficient and uniform supply of oxygen to cells, and the V MOVE MIXER® (developed by Satake Chemical Equipment Manufacturing, Ltd) a low shear/high efficiency uniform vertical mixer. Together, the two technologies help minimize damage to delicate mammalian cells, thus increasing output yield.

  • ・No need for interfering partitions (baffles) within the culture vessel
  • ・No need for mechanical seals
  • ・Microbubbles achieve high-efficiency gas exchange (supplying oxygen and removing CO2)
  • ・SPG filter sparger allows for efficient throughput, increasing cell density
  • ・Low-shear mixing by the V MOVE MIXER® inhibits cell destruction

Conventional Bioreactor / VerSus Reactor(TM)

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