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CFD Simulation for Agitated Vessels

Optimized Engineering for Stirred Tank and Highly Reliable Scale-Up

Analyzing the complicated flow phenomena in the stirred tank and clarifying the internal state is very effective in designing the stirred tank. JGC uses CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation for flow analysis in a stirred tank based on the findings supported by demonstration tests and performance analysis of actual equipment.

Through this analytical technique, optimum design and reliable scale-up of various agitation tanks such as organic synthesis reaction tanks, culture tanks, crystallization tanks, dispensing tanks, etc. used for pharmaceutical manufacture are realized.


  • By CFD simulation, analyze and design the following items.
  • ・ Complex structure shape such as wing and baffle plate in stirred tank
  • ・ Dissolution, distribution and hold-up of gas in liquid by gas blowing in aeration stirred tank
  • ・ Concentration distribution of chemically reactive species in the reaction tank, etc.
  • ・ Dispersion state of particles in solid-liquid system, liquid emulsion system, etc.
  • ・ “In silico Cultivation”, coupled simulation of flow in the stirred fermenter and cell culture model

Applications example

  • (1) Mixing characteristics and dynamic estimation of highly viscous fluid
  • (2) Dissolved amount of oxygen in the oxygen-aerated stirred tank and dispersion state
  • (3) Dispersion state of solid particles in liquid
  • (4) Shape and surface area of liquid free interface by swirling vortex flow
  • (5) Cell culture in the stirred fermenter
  • (6) Influence on flow due to structure and blade shape inside stirred tank

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