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Dry De-SOx / De-NOx System

Dry De-SOx / De-NOx system removes SOx, NOx, and dust from flue gas.

The Dry De-SOx / De-NOx system has been developed by integrating JGC group’s De-NOx technology and an electric power company’s dry De-SOx technology. A High efficiency SOx / NOx removal rate has been successfully demonstrated in a commercial plant for flue gas from coke oven gas combustion in China.


  • ・Apply to a wide range of temperatures from 100 ℃ to 400℃.
  • ・High efficiency removal rate of 90% or more of NOx and SOx
  • ・High efficiency removal rate of 85% or more of dust
  • ・A little decline in flue gas temperature, and gas reheating is not required
  • ・No waste water treatment required.


  • ・Flue gas of Coal-fired power
  • ・Flue gas from coke oven gas conversion
  • ・Flue gas of incineration plant
  • ・Flue gas of cement kiln
  • ・Flue gas of industrial boiler


  • De-SOx / De-NOx system for flue gas from coke oven gas conversion: 6 units

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