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Plant Life Extension Program with Integrity Assessment

Who is this program designed for?

Plant owners who want to...

  • 1. Extend the life of a plant beyond its scheduled lifespan
  • 2. Improve the integrity of aging plants that require frequent maintenance resulting in irregular turnaround
  • 3. Improve plant flexibility in response to feedstock changes (sourer feedstock, more severe operating conditions, etc.)
  • 4. Increase availability (longer turnaround interval)
  • 5. Optimize the inspection and maintenance activities

Features of the Program

  • ・ One-stop shopping
    JGC group can provide the full range of engineering, construction and maintenance services.
  • ・ Practical and efficient approach
    Through the systematic approach including various workshops and site observation with client staff, the most practical and efficient solutions will be identified.
  • ・ Flexible
    The program can be customized according to the client’s goal.

Flow of the Program

This program is composed of the following three steps.

Flow of the Program

  • First Step : Plant Integrity Assessment (PIA)
  • In order to identify the area to be improved and to propose practical recommendation, the following activities will be carried out:
  • ・ Assessment at JGC office based on the collected information and data:
  • - Assessment of materials selection
  • - Assessment of inspection programs and inspection records
  • - Review of past troubles
  • - Remaining life estimation
  • ・ Site visit
  • - Workshop with client
  • - Site observation
  • Second Step : Integrity Improvement Initiative (III)
  • Client/JGC joint team to develop integrity improvement strategy and action plans.
  • ・ Detailed investigation and implementation of items identified by PIA
  • - Study of material upgrading, modification
  • - Fitness for service assessment
  • - Establishment of integrity operating windows
  • ・ Inspection and maintenance strategy development
  • - Inspection program development
  • - RBI support
  • ・ Installation of computerized inspection management system (CIMS)
  • Third Step : Life Extension Project (LEP)
  • Project development and execution based on PIA and III.
  • ・ Detailed project development and timely execution
  • - Replacement, modification
  • ・ Implementation of inspection and maintenance work
  • The first step, PIA, is the most important step for the plant life extension, and can be carried out separately.

Time Schedule

An Example of time schedule of Plant Integrity Assessment (PIA) is as follows. (Example of one or two process units)

Time Schedule

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