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In-Line Mist Separator

This equipment carries out vapor-liquid separation inside piping, and ensures the reduction of investment costs and the plot area for equipment installation. In the case of knock-out drums(KO drums) used as a general vapor-liquid separator, the vapor velocity must be reduced by increasing the vessel diameter, because the principle of gravitational sedimentation is utilized.
On the other hand, in the case of this separator, spiral mist flow is generated by the use of an in-line assembly (a piping internal) which consists of a cylindrical shaft and helical plates axially mounted on the shaft. The mists are efficiently separated from the vapor stream inside the piping due to centrifugal force and the accumulated mist liquid is drained outside. This compact separator with unique structure facilitates high-performance separation of mists from a vapor stream.

conceptual illustration of an in-line vapor-liquid Separator illustrative image for reduction of plot area


  • ・Reduction of equipment cost
  • ・Reduction of plot area (see the illustrative image)


Applicable to the vapor-liquid separation from a gas stream with mists.

  • ・Flare lines
  • ・Overhead gas lines from absorbers,scrubbers, etc.


  • ・Nine units for chemical plants in Japan
  • ・Tow units for chemical plant in overseas

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