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Flow Simulation Technology

CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a powerful tool for analyzing the phenomena associated with the fluid flows in a variety of industrial fields. Thanks to the utilization of this powerful tool, JGC is able to carry out optimum designs, quick and rational scale-up of various types of industrial equipment and apparatus. At the same time, these CFD technologies are well integrated with the reliable technical know-how and expertise supported by the abundant experience of CFD application in the field of plant engineering.


Cyclone Gas explosion

High cycle thermal fatigue at T-junction



  • ・Applicable flexibly to diverse configurations of process components, process fluids, and analytical requirements. The technology provides the data necessary for designing optimal systems or equipment configurations.
  • ・Ensures that the simulation results are evaluated properly and are adopted in actual process designs, based on the verified results through a wide variety of fluid flow experiments and wide experience in the design and performance analysis of existing process equipment.


  • ・A wide variety of applications, such as reactors, heat exchangers, furnaces, mixing vessels, cyclone separators, pipelines, and ventilation units.
  • ・Analytical capabilities:
     - Fluid flow, heat transfer
     - Multi-phase, multi-component mixing
     - Chemical reaction, combustion, radiation


  • ・Lots of experience in the field of petroleum refining, petrochemicals & chemicals, nuclear energy, non-ferrous metal refining, pharmaceutical & R&D facilities, manufacturing plants, etc.

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