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Collaboration - Innovative R&D -

JGC Corporation has many years of experience of engineering and constructing various types of energy and chemical plants. With collaborative development and technological support from one of our Group companies, a catalyst maker, we use all types of evaluation and analysis technology, from micro-reactors to pilot plants, to support the development and commercialization of new process technology.

Experienced Technical Support to construct the Smart Process
for Performance, Cost and Schedule

1. Analysis of Kinetics, and Reactor and Process Optimization

Using an integral type kinetics analysis tool, JGC can provide services for kinetic analysis and optimal reactor design. Moreover, JGC can realize reactor scale-up and optimized process configurations, including services such as simulations, demonstration tests, and material evaluations.

[Experience] Simulations of temperature and concentration distributions in tubular and adiabatic reactors, based on the results of a kinetics analysis of the aromatization of light naphtha consisting of nineteen elementary reactions.

2. Performance Improvement and Scale-up of Stirred Reactors

JGC can realize performance improvements and reactor scale-up in a short period on the basis of the visualization of fluid action and optimization of reactor structure using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), demonstration tests, and the latest control technology.

[Experience] Batch type and CSTR type reactors for chemical plants, bioreactors for pharmaceutical plants, and so on.

3. Process Development for New Catalytic Reactions

In association with catalyst manufacturers (JGC Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd. and Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd.) which are member companies of the JGC Group, JGC can realize high performance process development with high-performance catalysts, and efficient scale-up techniques. The process development can be accelerated by utilizing experimental and analytical facilities and know-how which are owned by the JGC and JGC C&C. In addition to these elements, we can combine the commercialization of developed catalysts and the accomplishment of catalyst modification to bring about higher process efficiency and the lower cost.

[Experience] Catalyst : Fluidized-bed catalyst, honeycomb catalyst.
Process: high-calorie exothermic reaction process, small pressure difference reaction process, gas-liquid-solid three-phase reaction process, and other associated developments.

4. Studies for the Optimization of Commercial Plants

On the basis of client's test data, JGC can provide services for analysis of reaction mechanisms and kinetics and the conceptual design of optimal reaction processes.

[Experience] Through sponsored or joint researches with petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other companies in the past five years, JGC has cooperated with them in the kinetics analysis for sparger-type stirred tanks and tubular reactors and in the conceptual design of optimal reaction processes.

5. Studies for Energy-saving and Environment Protection Measures

Using pinch technology and waste heat utilization technology, JGC can cooperate in realizing energy savings and resolving environmental issues.

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