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Methane Rich Gas (MRG®) Process

The MRG® (Methane Rich Gas) process is low-temperature steam reforming technology that can convert hydrocarbons (such as LPG or naphtha), methanol or DME into methane. This process is applied to town gas production, or the pre-reforming step of synthesis gas production for GTL etc. Using a JGC-developed catalyst, this process has realized greater flexibility in operating conditions as well as greater space savings compared with conventional processes.

Simplified Flow for Hydrocarbon Feedstock


  • ・A JGC-developed, high-performance catalyst permits operations over a wide range of operating conditions, particularly at low temperatures and low steam ratios.
  • ・The MRG reactor outlet gas contains no hydrocarbons other than methane - an advantage that reduces the load on the following process steps.
  • ・The compact MRG reactor requires a smaller installation space


Available with various kinds of feeds, covering hydrocarbons (from light gas fractions to heavy naphtha), methanol and DME

  • ・Town gas production
  • ・Hydrogen production
  • ・Production of various synthesis gases (CO gas, oxo synthesis gas, methanol synthesis gas, ammonia synthesis gas)


  • ・Town gas production: 19 units (total capacity 3,167 x 103 Nm3/D)
  • ・Pre-reformer for synthesis gas production: 8 units (total capacity 558 x 103 Nm3/D)

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