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High-Purity Hydrogen Sulfide Production Process

For better and safer production

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is widely used as raw material for synthesis of a number of sulfur-containing compounds.
JGC hydrogen sulfide production process produces high-purity (≧99.9%) H2S by the reaction of hydrogen and sulfur. The production plant is compact and ensures easy and safe operation for the production of highly toxic hydrogen sulfide.
High-purity sodium hydrosulfide (NaSH aqueous solution) is also easily produced by the reaction between hydrogen sulfide and sodium hydroxide.

Sodium hydrosulfide Production Unit

Sodium hydrosulfide Production Unit



  • ・High-purity products
  • ・Compact and economical production plants
  • ・Lower cost and better safety than purchasing H2S
  • ・High-performance and long-life catalyst for 2nd reactor


  • ・Engineering Plastic (PPS)
  • ・Amino acid (methionine)
  • ・Non-ferrous metal refining
  • ・Pharmaceuticals
  • ・Cosmetics


  • ・Hydrogen sulfide production : 2+1(design in progress) units
  • ・Sodium hydrosulfide production : 4+1(design in progress) units


  • ・Technology Award of The Japan Petroleum Institute (2000)

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