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HiPACT® - an innovative CO2 caputure Process

HiPACT® recovers CO2 at high pressures from natural gas and synthesis gas, enabling cost reduction and energy saving in carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS). HiPACT® has been jointly developed with BASF SE. A demonstration test has been successfully completed at INPEX's natural gas plant in Japan and the technology is now at the marketing stage.


  • ・A chemical absorption process, using a newly developed absorption solvent;
     - Highly stable against thermal degradation
     - Superior CO2 absorption performance
  • ・Enabling CO2 stripping process at high pressures simultaneously with energy saving, which significantly reduces the energy and cost loads of CCS projects
  • ・Enabling a reduction of 25 to 35 percent in CO2 recovery and compression costs
  • ・Beneficial to not only CCS but also to CO2-EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) and pure CO2 production for e.g. liquefied CO2 or further processing to chemicals


  • ・CO2 capture sections in
     - natural gas processing plants including LNG plants
     - synthesis gas (syngas) processing plants to synthesize chemical products e.g.
     ammonia, urea, hydrogen, acetic acid, methanol and substitute natural gas (SNG)
     - IGCC (Integrated Gasification and Combined Cycle) plants, especially those
     based on coal and heavy oils



  • ・Natural gas processing with CCS (Europe), 1 License

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