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Investment/Service Business

Maximizing Enterprise Value with our Technical Expertise and Experience through EPC Service

JGC is striving to evolve into a new entity transcending the framework of a conventional engineering contractor. JGC’s second-largest area of business after EPC services is enterprise investment. In our investment business, we apply the technological capabilities and expertise we have cultivated through our EPC work in fields such as energy, infrastructure, and the environment toward maximizing the value of new enterprises.

A unique business partner with both technical and management capabilities

In the investment business, the ability to evaluate plant design and construction plans and assess risks has a major effect on the success of a project. The engineering and project management capabilities JGC has cultivated through our EPC business are demonstrated to their full extent in our investment business as well. As a unique company equipped with both technical and business operation capabilities, our dramatic contributions toward increasing business value have earned us an outstanding reputation among our business partners.

Seeking out fields that demonstrate maximum synergy with EPC services

When selecting businesses to invest in, JGC gives priority to fields that synergize with EPC services, such as power and water supply, new energy, resource development and environmental conservation. Enterprise investment is JGC’s second core business field, and the most effective way of fostering our investments is by putting our engineering capabilities to their best possible use. At the same time, the knowledge we acquire through our investment business contributes substantially to increasing the quality of our EPC services.

Investment founded on a clear understanding of local needs

Countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia have diverse business needs based on regional and cultural factors. Through our EPC business, JGC has gained a clear understanding of the economic, industrial, and social conditions in these regions. Based on this understanding, we are able to accurately assess the specific needs of each region and tailor our services accordingly. A major goal of JGC’s investment business is to contribute to the growth and development of partner countries by building businesses ideally matched with local needs.

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