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Infrastructure and Urban Development Business

Realizing Economic Growth and Low-Carbon Urban Development

As population growth soars, particularly in emerging countries, more and more people are living in urban areas. In Asia in particular, estimates suggest that by 2025, more than 50% of the population will live in cities.

Economic cycling is necessary for urban development. In addition to development of complex of industrial areas to propel the economy, a comfortable residential environment, and commercial areas to keep the economy cycling, it attempts to realize development of environmentally-friendly, low-carbon cities with sustainable economic development and minimal environmental impact.

JGC offers business development plans for continuing urban growth that meet these needs and foster local industry and economic growth. As a Program Management Contractor and Investment Partner, it becomes involved in the urban development process from the very beginning, starting with initial investment in the creation of a master plan and moving all the way through to urban management in a manner that responds to the client's concept for both industrial development and improving the living conditions of the inhabitants.

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