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Optimum Equipment Procured on a Global Basis

Industrial plants consist of several tens of thousands of equipment items. JGC issues inquiries for the equipment and conducts total services, from procurement to production/manufacturing management and quality inspection as well as transportation to the construction site, under a consistent structure providing responsibility throughout the services. For the selection of equipment, JGC integrates information from an extensive database, with data from USA, Singapore, and Italy. JGC carefully considers quality, delivery, and total cost, and selects the best vendors on a global basis. JGC also conducts complete manufacturing management/quality management during equipment manufacturing as well as during final inspection. All tasks, ranging from transportation planning to customs, shipment, submittal of export approval application to various governmental bodies, and delivery to the construction site, are carefully performed by JGC. The Project Procurement Manager (PPM) assigned to each project controls this series of procurement services. A PPM who is an expert in all procurement services manages the procurement work that requires complicated and high-level management ability, for the optimization of quality, delivery, and cost. JGC has established a reputation for procurement services that fully meet the project needs.


J-PLUS (JGC e-Procurement Solution System) is a web-based inquiry site developed by JGC Corporation.


What is J-PLUS?

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