Messages from a personnel in charge of Human Resources

Messages from a personnel in charge of Human Resources

Hello everyone. We are the group in charge of recruiting new graduates at JGC Corporation. Thank you for viewing our recruiting website.

What do you have in mind with regard to job hunting?

This must feel like a very important moment in your life, as you try to find the best way to realize your dream and ideal future self out of all the uncountable options presented to you, and with various emotions running through your mind. We are extremely happy that you are considering us among all those other options.

As an engineering contractor, JGC has successfully conducted more than 20,000 projects in 80 countries, having gathered together a body of highly-skilled professionals with a wide range of technical know-how. Projects range from those concerned with the field of hydrocarbons, such as oil refineries and LNGs, to projects concerned with medical care and nonferrous metals.

All of our projects are carried out on a global scale, and no two are ever the same, so our company is an environment in which one can always expect to create new things and overcome new challenges. In addition, the variety of interesting people they encounter offers our employees yet further opportunities for personal growth.

On the other hand, our staff must also overcome numerous difficulties, and often face extremely high walls that may even make them feel the project is unfeasible. With all that in mind, there is a slogan that all JGC employees embrace. Our slogan is...

”One Team One Spirit”

If we couldn't concentrate the various talents of different individuals and create a synergy far beyond the realms of normal imagining, no JGC project could ever be completed.

Everyone therefore understands the importance of having a strong team will to reach the same goal, project success - a team will which transcends ideas of nationality, culture, field of specialism and company.

All employees grow together by sharing their successes and failures, sometimes through heated discussions. Through working on difficult projects with colleagues who share the same spirit, an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment can be experienced, together with an irreplaceable sense of personal development.

Through our recruitment activities, we want to communicate the deep appeal of JGC and its ideas. If our ideas have also said something to you, then we are sure that JGC is the best choice you could ever make. We look forward to working with you on the global stage in the near future.

New Graduate Recruiting Group, JGC Corporation