• Applying for a job and recruitment history
  • Corporate seminars
  • Visits by senior employees
  • Recruitment Process

Applying for a job and recruitment history

How many new hires are there for April 2017?
About 70, from over 30 universities of Japan and overseas.
Does JGC hire students with foreign nationalities?
Yes, JGC hires foreign students every year. We are planning to welcome about 10 foreign students in 2017.
Is application possible for students who will graduate in other months of 2018?
If you are a new graduate, please consult us. The e-mail address is as follows.

Corporate seminars

Where are the corporate seminars going to be held?
Basically, corporate seminars will be held at the Yokohama main office, but seminars in Osaka and other regions are also scheduled.
How can I attend a seminar?
Seminar schedules will be announced on My Page. Please apply for the seminar you want to attend through My Page.

Visits by senior employees

Can I meet senior employees who graduated from the same university as me?
Please refer to the list of hired graduates distributed to universities' recruitment departments. Human Resources Department does not perform introduction services.

Recruitment Process

Could you tell me the schedule from corporate seminar to recruitment?
Please refer to the recruitment process.
I am an undergraduate student. Are there any differences in screening in comparison to graduates?
No, there are no differences in screening.
Where will the screening be carried out?
All screening will be carried out at the Yokohama Main Office.
Do I need to submit any documents for the screening?
Academic records (high school, university, Master's program, Doctoral program / * Only those items which are applicable), graduation letter (or conferral letter for Master's or Doctoral degrees), medical examination report etc. will be required. You will be notified separately of the time and date for submission.
What are the screening methods used?
Please refer to the recruitment process.
What kind of personalities does JGC look for?
Please refer to the personalities below.
(1) Curious and interested in a wide range of things
(2) High-achieving and aspirational
(3) Flexible way of thinking
(4) Full of vitality
(5) Able to give his / her own opinion and actively makes proposals and improvements
(6) No "language allergy", and willing to blend in with people and cultures of other countries
(7) Cooperative with good leadership qualities
Are there any qualifications that will be advantageous if acquired before the screening?
None in particular.
How much emphasis is placed on academic record?
We do not have any criteria, but your record will be used as one indicator of how much effort you have made towards your studies.
Do you ask about research conducted in university or graduate school during screening?
We do not have any criteria, but your research will be used as one indicator of your specialism.
Is a certain level of English required?
English is a required skill for business, but only (6) above will be assessed during screening.
Are foreign languages other than English required?
The standard language in the field of engineering is English, but people who can also speak French, Russian, Spanish, or Chinese, etc may have larger opportunities in business.