What is EPC?

A project can be defined as an "irregular, non-repeatable, one-time operation undertaken in order to fulfill specific economic and technical goals within a certain time frame and under certain conditions." "Project management" is the collective used to denote, collectively, the organically-integrated specialized management activities concerned with the planning and organization, under a unified concept, of management resources such as people, materials, time and money, and also technology, information etc., with the aim of obtaining expected results according to specified conditions of time, budget, and quality. JGC makes full use of the techniques of project management in every project it undertakes.

In project management terms, JGC's projects can be divided broadly into three phases: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. Engineering companies' projects are called "EPC projects", from the initial letter of each of these phases. If we look in more detail, we find stages such as FS (Feasibility Study), Front End Engineering Design (FEED), processes such as cost estimate, and post-construction processes such as commissioning and handover. Here, we introduce the EPC flow of a project, the business content of each phase, JGC's role in a project, and affiliated companies.

EPC Flow Introductory Video

Let's look at the EPC flow of an actual plant engineering project and use the images to get a grasp of the main ideas (* Click play in the center of the screen.)

EPC Flow Image

The processes of plant engineering from EPC to commissioning are not conducted independently, but progress simultaneously in close cooperation with each other. Here, we will explain the work in each phase and give details about how the project proceeds (* Click each phase for details.)

JGC's projects can be divided into three processes.

Relationships with Partners

Engineering companies work closely with various partners around the world to carry out a project. Here, we explain what kinds of other companies and organizations JGC works with, and in what way, as it pursues its business as a project's prime contractor. (* Click on the icon to see details.)