Business Field and Future

Program Management Contractor & Investment Partner, the New Corporate Image Beyond a Standard Engineering Company

What is a “Program Management Contractor & Investment Partner”?

JGC will provide comprehensive management services to an aggregate of projects

JGC is currently on the path of reformation for a new corporate image, “Program Management Contractor & Investment Partner”. Comprehensive management services will be provided through an aggregate of projects such as business planning, feasibility study, EPC and O&M in the energy industry. JGC is seeking to establish this corporate image through the expansion of non-EPC businesses such as investment & operation in water/power generation, oil & gas resource development, new energy and environment-related business, in addition to deepening and expanding our core EPC business.

Business Field

Our business is distributed into four main sections as displayed in the matrix below: EPC Business and Business Investment & Operation on the vertical axis and Oil & Gas and Infrastructure on the horizontal axis. Since the foundation of JGC, we have been continuously developing our EPC business in the oil & gas field as a core value, however, we aim to challenge ourselves by expanding our business further into infrastructure, business investment and business operation. *Please click on the section you would like to learn more about.