The Future of the Planet

We at JGC believe that responding to the needs of society quickly is a social responsibility for an engineering company. After constructing a domestic oil refinery, in the 1960s JGC became one of the first companies to expand overseas. Since that time, JGC has built up a record of achievement encompassing over 20,000 projects in 80 countries and in various fields, including the construction of oil refineries, petrochemical facilities, natural gas processing plants and the construction of an environmentally-friendly liquid fuel plant. Furthermore, with the need to address the issue of global warming growing ever more urgent, JGC is actively working to develop and spread the use of environmentally-friendly clean energy, and is engaged in activities which can realize a society which is in harmony with the environment - a society whose social infrastructure, for example, is maintained through valid use of engineering technology.
As a world-class engineering constructor, JGC is highly regarded both for its compendious record of achievement and for the skills and know-how it has acquired along the way. JGC has established a solid position in the world market because, ever since its foundation, it has continued to develop by boldly taking up the challenge of new and difficult projects, and produces results that exceed clients' expectations. JGC is always ready to take on new challenges and get ahead of the times. The company grows and evolves while developing skills and know-how which can be applied anywhere in the world, bringing more and more projects to fruition and transforming those successes into the energy needed to move on to each next stage. We will go on striving to create a brighter future for planet earth.